Because of my rigorous gigging and recording schedule I cannot book regular students. However, from time to time I have taken on students for an occasional lesson. I am qualified to teach violin, viola, Celtic harp and beginning nyckelharpa.

My experience is best used to help an already skilled musician (even if just rudimentary skill) develop and improve their playing as opposed to starting a complete novice on an instrument and I have helped a number of students take their musicianship “ to the next level.” While I’ll give pointers on technique and may give some advice on how to practice effectively, I will not assign scales or exercises or “baby-sit” your development. My emphasis, rather, is on helping develop general musicianship skills and musicality, provide ideas for arranging traditional music and crafting original music and help guide a student toward fulfilling their own individual stylistic vision.

I charge $65.00/hour, $40.00 for 1/2 hour ($90 for 1 hour and 1/2). Students must come to me in San Francisco for their lessons.

If you are interested in studying with me, please call me at 415 642 1466 to discuss your needs and goals. Even if I am not the right teacher for you, I can often give referrals to prospective students for other teachers in the area.

Harp Workshops

I offer an assortment of workshops for harp, nyckelharpa, as well as intensives on home recording studios and more. My forte workshops include: HOW TO CREATE EFFECTIVE ARRANGEMENTS OF TRADITIONAL MUSIC FOR THE HARP, SWEDISH/NORDIC MUSIC FOR HARP AND OTHER INSTRUMENTS, AND TIPS FOR HOME RECORDING. I have taught workshops at a number of harp conferences as well as music camps such as Lark in the Morning in Mendocino, Ca.

I also assist Lisa with her unique and one of kind interactive “Hands on Harps” workshop.

Lisa has pioneered this interactive event in which she and I will bring 15 beautiful and lovely sounding Celtic harps to you (be it a home, school. festival, fair, office, library etc…). Lisa and I will show how easy it is to create music on this beginner friendly instrument. Participants get a very uplifting and inspiring experience by learnign basic technique and playing several familiar songs as a group. For more information please visit Lisa’s page describing this event:


House Concerts

A house concert is a unique and magical event. You can take a common social gathering to a whole new level. Since most people have never been to a private concert in someone’s home, your guests feel they are part of something special. The concert provides a unique focus to the evening with time to socialize. The attendees are made aware there is a suggested modest donation amount to support the performer and it also supports the arts in your community. At little or no cost to you, you create an unforgettable evening by bringing everyone together to meet the artists and enjoy a show in an intimate setting. The personal touch and warmth of the experience enchant all who attend. House concerts have grown in popularity because it’s a win/win situation for everybody.

For more information about house concerts and how to set up this type of event, please visit: