I am available for private events and corporate functions, and offer a range of other services as well.
Private & Corporate Events

I am often asked to perform at private functions such as weddings, funerals and memorials, birthday parties, dinner parties, corporate events and the like. My experience is extensive and my clients have included the CEOs of the Bechtel Corporation to performing in a very intimate setting for Prince Charles and Lady Camilla to name a few.

If you are interested in booking me, please note the following about my rates and policies:

1. My fees are $425.00 for the first two hours and $125.00 for every hour thereafter, plus travel expenses. I do not pro-rate my fees, so even if the event requires me for less than two hours, my fee is still $425.00.

2. Please note that my fees are incurred for the time I am required to be at the event, not for the time I am required to perform. For example, if I perform for one hour, then required to take a break for another hour, and then play again for a third hour, my fee would be for 3 hours at $550.00 (I do not charge for the time it takes me to set up, tune and break down).

2. Travel expenses are charged if the event is more than 10 miles from San Francisco. The fees are roughly $1.00 for every mile outside of the 10 mile SF radius (for gas and time traveling to and from the event).

3. I am sometimes asked to play “special requests.” I am happy to perform any piece from within my existing repertoire for you, but I do not learn new material for events outside my repertoire unless I am paid to do so. My fee for each song that I must learn is $100/special request.

4. I do not require a deposit for my services, but do require payment upon exiting from the event and completion of my services.

5. Please check my calendar before contacting me to see if I am already booked. If I am, you can still inquire with me as I can often give you a referral.

6. If you would like to hire me for your private event or function please e-mail or phone 415.642.1466 to discuss booking and details.

Recording and Production

Nearly all of my solo recordings are self-produced and recorded in my own studio. Though mostly for self-use, I am hired for engineering, tracking and production on outside projects. My studio includes a Pro-Tools platform system, a wide array of high end mics and pre-amps and an extremely quiet basement studio. My upstairs area has 15 foot arched ceilings which make for great results in tracking live sounds.

Two examples of my outside music production projects are: Lisa Lynne and Molly Pasutti for the Two Worlds One: Still the Moon which features lush orchestration and a full array of acoustic instrumentation and with mandolin virtuoso Marla Fibish and finger picking guitarist Bruce Victor on their duet recording, Noctambule. I would be delighted to send you samples of these recordings for you to assess the quality and professional level of my recordings, production and engineering.

The producer’s job in a recording is to oversee a recording and an artist’s music, to develop and shape the overall sound and feel of a recording project and to see the inherent vision of a musical project to its full potential. Working “behind the scenes,” a music producer is something like a director of a movie, coaching the musician(s) to get the best performances, perhaps helping to select the best tunes, recommending how much or how little “production” should go into a song or album, helping oversee the recording sessions, directing and assisting the engineering, editing, and mastering of a recording to find the right “sound.” A producer may find the right instrument and the right performer for your music; may help score and arrange parts, may help you develop a piece from a few basic ideas into a fully worked out piece of music. The producer will help find for you the right mix, the right master, and help you package your music into a saleable product. If you are interested in utilizing my studio, engineer or production skills for your project, please contact me to discuss your project, your goals and your budget.

Fees for engineering such as recording/tracking start at $40.00/hour. Additional charges vary depending on what additional skills are required or asked for and I am certainly open to work with you and your budget to engage in a mutually satisfying recording project.

Session Work

I offer a wide range of recording studio services and have recorded for an enormous variety of musicians, producers and composers in a diverse range of styles from folk, Celtic, Nordic, Middle Eastern, Sephardic, New Age, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop, classical, experimental, avante-guarde and some jazz and jazz fusion. My clients have included world class musicians, including supporting Jon Anderson of Yes on a film score project in 2009. I have recorded extensively for film cues as well as contributed on numerous CD recording projects.

A few such projects include: Azigza, Medieval Sephardic Musician Lauren Pomerantz, modern Rai singer MC Rai, the psychedelic space-rock peformance artist Gilli Smythe, ‘Tribal Trance Druidic Dance’ music of Land of the Blind, the harp pop-jazz stylings of Verlene Shermer to the Hip Hop/Rap albums produced by Million Dollar Dream.

My instrumental abilities include: violin (acoustic and electric), viola, cello, bass, harp, guitar (acoustic, nylon, wire, electric in both 12 string and 6 string), nyckelharpa, mandolin, cittern, bazouki, hammered dulcimer, bowed psaltry, penny whistle and light keyboards.

I specialize in providing string arrangements - such as a string quartet or even full orchestral sound. I read music so you can provide me with a score or chart. I can also learn parts aurally, or I can improvise or design a score or part for you.

I can come to your studio to record if you wish, but most clients ask me to lay down tracks in my own studio (I use Pro-Tools platform and own high end microphones/pre-amps) and send them the stems.

Fees are variable depending on the nature and extent of your needs, but they start at $75/hour. If you wish to hear a sample of my work, I am more than happy to send you a “reel tape” of samples of my work for outside clients. All my session work is guaranteed, meaning that if you do not like what you get or could not use what you get from me, I will re-record the tracks for you until they are right or refund your payment.